The Essential Drummer

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"The Essential Drummer" written by Chattanooga drummer and Music Educator Barret Griffy, is full of essentials every drummer should know, practice and master.


It has a perfect blend of Grooves, Fills, and Rudiment exercises. Barret made sure each concept had a musical purpose and was relevant to beginners, intermediate, and advanced drummers alike.

"This title is a super practical material . Covers everything from hand technique, rudiments , grooves and fills. 
Perfect for beginner or intermediate drummer who wants to perfect its skills and dont know how to do it. 
A good foundation of drumming is the key to become a pro , and that's what you'll get buying this book."

               - Eric Rodriguez


Advancing Your Groove

Drum Set Book

With Advancing Your Groove Barret made sure that every groove has a musical purpose, is fun to play, and fun to learn with your students.


This groove based study contains: over 300 Grooves! 30 Rudiments! and 100 pages throughout!


Techniques that will be explored:

-Basic Independence

-Four-way Independence

-Ghost Notes

-Open Hi-hats

-linear placement

-accenting the hi-hat

-syncopation and groove inversion

-Half time shuffles

-Rudimental Applications

- other stylistic grooves ( such as jazz, Drum N' Bass, etc.) and much much more!


Make this book a creative reference in your practice and study. Take each groove and make them your own! Always practice with a metronome. Listen and play with as much music as possible, and most importantly have fun and rock on!